Why pools smell like chlorine

My pool smells like chlorine but the chlorine level is fine, why? Chlorine is the key disinfectant in your pool ensuring the healthiness of your water. Chlorine kills bacteria and organisms that your filter cannot trap. It kills through contact in the water and also ‘burns off’ remaining organics into harmless gas. In most cases […]

The best pool games and accessories

Pools are great for many reasons. They are relaxing, can be used for exercise, and are great for just about every age group. While some pool owners simply love floating or standing in the refreshing water as they talk with friends and family, others love playing in the pool. While a pool is fun no […]

Reasons to invest in a pool

There are many ways you can improve your home and your property. From remodeling your kitchen to upgrading your landscaping, there are numerous projects that you can do to improve your home’s value and aesthetics. While certain people in your family may enjoy some of these investments more than others, there are some home investments […]

Spic N Span pool services

Welcome to the Spic n Span Pools blog! Here, you will find tips for caring for your pool, the importance of regular pool maintenance, and so much more. Our pool experts know what it takes to keep your pool clean and enjoyable all year long and we will be sharing some of our knowledge with […]