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Green Pool Recovery

A GREEN POOL is a very serious challenge for pool owners and is illegal in the state of Florida due to health and safety risks. Recovery can be a very challenging process which we specialize in. A recovery can take a wide range of chemicals and requires several days of constant attention to return your pool to blue.
Let us take on the challenge for you. Prices start at $400 depending on the severity of the situation.


We Give You High-Quality Solutions

  • Water quality assessment

  • Chemical treatment

  • Filter management

  • Algae and debris removal


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  • What is a green pool?

    A green pool is basically growth of algae in your pool. An imbalance in your water chemicals leads to algae growth. Usually, it is caused by a lack of adequate chlorine and unbalanced water chemistry. Green pools are also breeding ground for mosquitoes and other bacteria.

    Green Pools are not safe to swim in and are illegal in the state of Florida It important to get your green pool taken care of it as soon as it happens. The longer you let it sit, the more time consuming and expensive it gets for you to get your pool cleaned.

  • Type of treatment?

    The type of treatment and maintenance varies based on the amount of damage done by your green pool.

    Green pool recovery requires daily service and can take as much as two weeks to resolve the situation. In extreme cases, draining most or all of the pool may be needed.

    If you cannot see the bottom drain of your pool, it is unsafe and dangerous to swim in.

  • Who utilizes our green pool services?

    Green pool recovery can require a wide range of chemicals and treatment. We have the tools to get your pool back to beautiful without you having to worry about it.

    Real Estate Agents:
    Potential buyers will be immediately put off by a green pool. A sparkling blue pool will make an immediate positive impression.