Tips for first time pool owners

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Whether you moved into a new home with a swimming pool or you decide to add a pool to your backyard, there are a few things every first time pool owner needs to know. As a child, or even an adult visiting a pool, you simply jump right in to enjoy the water. You don’t think about the chemical balance, the cleanliness, or whether or not the filter has been replaced recently. But when you are a pool owner, these are the types of things you need to think about.

At Spic N Span Pools in Orange County, we are pool experts who know a thing or two about proper pool care and maintenance. We offer a variety of services that can help keep your pool in the best condition possible. But we figured we would share some of our knowledge with you! If you are a first-time pool owner and are not sure how to properly maintain or care for your pool, read on. We will give you the tips you need to become a pool care master!

understand the components of your pool

The first thing you need to understand is that your pool is so much more than a giant hole in the ground filled with water. There are so many different parts that create the internal workings of a pool and by understanding these components, you will be able to maintain your pool better. These main components include:

  • A motorized pump
  • A water filter
  • A chemical feeder
  • Drains
  • Return jets

In a future blog, we will talk about how all of these components work in your pool and why they are important in keeping your pool well maintained. When you keep each of these components in great shape, your pool is likely to remain in great shape as well.

make quick clean a regular thing

As a new pool owner, you may not know the first thing about cleaning your pool. Do you need to scrub it daily? How often should you drain and refill your pool? How often should you check the chemicals? These are questions you will surely not know right off the bat, but our pool experts can help you learn more about proper pool cleaning methods. At the very least, make quick cleaning tasks a regular activity in your life so that you can keep your pool as clean as possible for as long as possible. Skimming the pool to remove leaves, bugs, and other debris will help make your pool more enjoyable. You could even invest in a robot vacuum to remove debris from the bottom of your pool! Scrubbing the sides of your pool regularly, like once a week, can also help stop algae build-up and keep your pool cleaner and fresh.

hire help

Taking care of a pool and making sure it is well maintained while trying to keep up with the rest of your life can be exhausting and frustrating. Instead of worrying about working on your pool weekly, let the experts at Spin N Span Pools in Orange County help! We offer a variety of pool services and maintenance packages that can keep your pool clean. Contact us today to learn more and start enjoying your new pool!

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