The premium pool service package is best for pool owners with a screened in pool and need help with full-service maintenance and pool care.

Your pool deserves premium treatment. With this completely hands-off service, you can focus on relaxation or taking care of other chores around the house while we handle everything pool-related. Enjoy all the benefits of our standard and deluxe services, plus a few bonuses.

Our premium service package includes:

Weekly Visits: With weekly visits, our pool experts can ensure everything is operating as it should and that your pool is constantly in great shape and ready for you to enjoy.

Water Chemistry Analysis: We will test your pool water’s pH, alkalinity, chlorine levels, phosphates, and other aspects to ensure the chemistry is balanced and make adjustments when necessary.

Pool Protection: We will keep your pool water clean, clear, and safe by adding chemicals, algaecides, clarifiers, conditioner, soda ash, and more.

Brushing Tiles, Walls, and Steps: We will scrub your pool’s walls, steps, and tiles to ensure there is no algae build-up and to help keep your pool as clean as possible.

Skimming Pool Surface: Our team will remove any debris from your pool, keeping it clean and ready to be enjoyed. Never worry about leaves or dead insects floating around in your pool.

Checking and Cleaning the Filter: We will service your filter when needed to ensure it lasts as long as possible and keeps your pool clean.

Adjusting Pool Timers: Pool timers need to be adjusted for optimal performance based on different seasons.

Pool Vacuuming: Which allows us to collect all the fine dirt and debris in your pool. Typically needed once every two weeks.

If you want to keep your pool in great condition at all times, our premium pool service package can help! Contact us to get started today!

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