Why pools smell like chlorine

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My pool smells like chlorine but the chlorine level is fine, why?

Chlorine is the key disinfectant in your pool ensuring the healthiness of your water. Chlorine kills bacteria and organisms that your filter cannot trap. It kills through contact in the water and also ‘burns off’ remaining organics into harmless gas. In most cases a strong chlorine smell (think of many indoor public pools where the chlorine smell hits you when you open the door) means that while the chlorine is working in the pool it is not strong enough to burn off the ‘chloramines’.  Chloramines are the result of the combination of two ingredients: (a) chlorine disinfectants and (b) perspiration, oils and urine that enter pools on the bodies of swimmers.

To solve for chlorine smell you need to do two key things:

  1. Make sure your water is balanced
  2. Increase the chlorine level to burn off the chloramines

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